Repair & Replacement

Repair Form! 

To expedite the repair process, please copy & paste this form, enter your personalized responses, and either email to or DM me on Instagram @nnnastygem.


Style Name & Size:___________

Date Purchased, Name, or Order Number:___________


(   ) Missing Spike or Hardware

(   ) Strap / Faux Leather Issues

(   ) Repair of old item, expected wear&tear.

Other:...(Please describe the issue with your item in the best of detail you can.)


Please note this is not the same case as an item arriving broken or damaged, or missing spikes etc!

Please email me as soon as you can with photos upon opening a damaged package so I can asses for replacement or refund via insurance coverage if damage was caused during transit, or otherwise if the damage is related to a fault of mine! (Incorrect packaging, shipping error on my end, etc.)

This page is geared toward items you’ve had for a just for few weeks & up to a few years! I have mini screw driver kits that come in a nastygem exclusive repair kit ready to be sent to help you fix your items! 

This includes:

-Any missing smaller spikes (larger XL spikes are very uncommon to fall out unless played with / tampered with.

-Crystals breaking or charm issues within reason.

-Design flaw errors on my part. For example, I've had to send a good few replacement heavy metal omega straps to customers due to a design flaw. I made the adjustment area too thin in width, and this caused easy premature wear & tear. Instances like this are completely covered & taken care of on my end, including shipping costs! Design flaws and errors will happen very rarely- I am very skilled but am still a baby leather worker, less than 5 years under my belt currently.

(Unless there is foul play including: tugging or pulling, excessive roughness, general miscare etc.- I am more than happy to repair or replace your item for free!)

Repair kits will include a mini screw driver kit, which can be super handy to have! :] As well as whatever you need to easily repair your item! Any repairs that will take the average person more than 1-2 minutes will be preferred for ship in hands-on repair by me! Costs of shipments will be covered by me of course!

I hold space for myself to make small mistakes- but will not expect anyone to spend more than a minute or so repairing an item they purchased, period!

please note this is case by case, & within reason! For example if you’ve had your mini bad for 2-3 years, or choker for several years- & wear it very regularly, decent wear/tear is expected. Especially if it isn’t treated very kindly! But even in most of these cases, I am happy to offer repair for a fee much cheaper than a brand new item.

I am very happy to offer this not only as sentiment to my brand & quality but also as a means of slowing down the fast fashion machine! I do my best to make the highest quality to (while still staying affordable to most especially for quality to price ratio) slow down the quick buy-use-wear/tear-replace over & over cycle of fast fashion.