Customs is charging me a fee to collect my item, will you pay this?

Nasty Gem is not responsible for custom holdings or custom fees. We try our best on our end legally to make these fees as minimal as possible, but we do not have any control over international fees set by your local postal courier/laws.

I received my shipping confirmation text/email but my tracking hasn't updated? 

Your item is still processing angel! This notification simply means your shipping label has been printed and your order is still being processed by the shop owner! Once your order is dropped off with the shipment courier, your tracking will update within 12-24 hours!  

Is everything really handmade?

YES! <3 Everything branded Nasty Gem is handmade by the owner, Tori T! Bags branded Nasty Gem are the only item that is completely altered and customized by the owner, but not completely 100% handmade. Nasty Basix is a sister store / sister brand of Nasty Gem that sells customized and altered, not completely handmade collars and accessories. Nasty Basix is a more affordable less creatively intensive project of the owner of Nasty Gem! Hence the name Nasty Basix :,)